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Yogi Trivedi

Bio: Founder of Oragraphy – Photo & Cinema, Yogi Trivedi believes in being humble and grounded. He holds a degree in BSc. in Multimedia and Animation. He loves to spend time with his family and friends when in his home town in Vadodra. He is determined, focused, and full of passion for photography. He believes the essence of photography is to allow the photographs to depict the uniqueness of its subject.

Ingenious, shy, and tenacious, this young man from Vadodra, Gujarat is creating magic in the lives of many through his photography skills. He captures emotions and expressions that last forever, even when the moment has passed by.

As much I got to know Yogi I realized, he is not a product of his circumstances but a product of his decisions. With a blend of passion and focus, Yogi paved the course of his life.

His choice to give up BCA and pursue BSc in Multimedia and Animation proved fruitful in the years to come. Life is always busy setting us up for our future endeavors. Yogi’s life is a befitting example of it. A few years ago, while his cousin was visiting India, Yogi got a chance to use his camera. He received a lot of acclamation for the random clicks that he captured. That was when he realized his creative bent had a photographer hidden within, ready to be discovered! Yet his parents were not convinced by his professional choice.

Nevertheless, Yogi’s determination got him a job in a photography firm. While he intended to be behind the camera he was made to do random chores. Just to stay close to his dreams he accepted working at a meager salary of Rs. 200 per day. As goes the saying ‘Nothing’s far when one wants to get there’. Yogi soon got his first break as an assistant photographer. He proved his prowess by learning on the job of observing other photographers. He spent hours checking out tutorials and articles about photography and the related equipment.

Yogi’s next big career move was doing independent wedding photoshoots under the name ‘Yogi Trivedi Photography’. His work got noticed among his friends and relatives and was being appreciated by the clients as well. A picture of a turtle clicked by Yogi was nominated in the National Geographic Contest. This motivated him further to give his best. His parents also changed their perception of Yogi’s choice of vocation as a photographer.

Yogi’s family is a closely-knit family but the unwavering financial conditions sometimes made it difficult to choose between needs and wishes. So when his dad gifted him his first professional camera he decided to make it worth every penny spent.

As destination weddings are the latest trends, traveling became his way of life. A Mumbai wedding photoshoot set him in a new direction. Yogi realized that pre-wedding photoshoots were gaining as much popularity as the wedding photoshoot itself. He was now inclined to introduce the same vogue in Gujarat weddings.

Yogi never failed to challenge his limits. And just when life seemed to complement itself, he injured badly in a fatal accident. The fateful night of November 30th, 2014, Yogi and his teammate were returning home after wrapping up a photoshoot in his home town. In close proximity of 400 meters from his home, Yogi lay unconscious on the road. The passersby took him and his teammate to the hospital and his family was informed.

Yogi’s injuries were serious. Doctors were able to save his life but there developed a huge blood clot in his left eye because of the accident. Yogi lost 100% vision of his left eye.

To a photographer, eyes are like a shutter. It was ironic. Yogi faced the biggest hurdle now, as he was accustomed to capturing pictures using his left eye. Though it was a hard blow considering Yogi’s career but not giant enough to waver him from his love for photography.

His family, friends, relatives, and clients, all stood by him in the most vulnerable moment of his life. The love and support extended to him by everyone he knew got him back in the game again. In spite of being suggested a complete rest for nearly 3 months, Yogi was up and moving in just 21 days. I guess it is difficult to keep a photographer away from the lens for long. Yogi packed his bags and was soon shooting a wedding in Rajasthan.

Over the years of experience, I have seen that some of the most beautiful chapters of our lives are framed by uncertainties. One such uncertain event coursed Yogi’s life. Yogi Trivedi Photography was now Oragraphy and there was no looking back.

Wedding, Fashion, and Events photography are the main forte of Yogi Trivedi’s Oragraphy. Clicking over a hundred, national and international, wedding photo shoots, Yogi is one of the young, versatile, and renowned photographers in India who believes in making each moment count by capturing it in time.

Nominated and awarded for the ‘Best International Wedding Film’ in 2016 in New York, Oragraphy will soon complete seven years of its successful existence. Yogi followed his heart and made his mark photographing fairytales around the globe.

Yogi is an apt example of the famous quote ‘He lost sight but gained vision’!

Acknowledgments by Yogi: Bounteously grateful to my parents for believing in me and going that extra mile to help me realize my dream, my younger brother Akshar Trivedi for always being there and supporting me. Thanks to my elder cousin Kunjal Pathak for constantly supporting me and mentoring me throughout my journey.

Words won't be enough to thank my best friends – Khyati, Heer, and Kopal who turned into a family and pumped me to push my limits, and most importantly my team for working hard and keeping up with my pace. A big shout out to all the clients who placed their credence in me and gave me such beautiful opportunities to capture the most important events of their life. I am also grateful to all my well-wishers and loved ones who motivate me to produce better and better with each passing day.

A Ray of Hope: Nothing is impossible in life, yet if you find yourself on the brink of giving up then push your boundaries a little harder and achieve what you set out to achieve. Even if you find 1% hope in your dreams, your beliefs, then go ahead and cling onto that single ray of hope. Dig deep and explore it to the core and watch it work wonders for you.

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