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55 Inspirational Quotes That Could Change Your Life

You may be doing everything right. But life seems to take its own course and you feel exhausted. Here is a list of 55 inspirational quotes that could change your life forever.

We all need to pause from time to time and reflect on how far have we reached or what goals have we achieved so far. So while you stop to review your life, read the below-listed inspirational quotes to find a new direction.

Inspirational Quotes And Captions For Daily Life

  1. Everyone gets a second chance - some to follow their dreams, some to clean up their mess.

  2. If you don’t like the mess you are in, start by cleaning your room.

  3. Pretending to look busy on a Friday night is hard work.

  4. Eat, Drink, Party, Sleep, Repeat… till Monday arrives.

  5. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Enjoy till you can.

  6. Live, Love, Laugh and Get Drunk once in a while.

  7. Believe me, it’s time for you to heal.

  8. Every day remind yourself how special you are.

  9. Perfect is boring. Wear your desi swag.

  10. Failure is not permanent and success doesn’t define happiness.

  11. Even the strongest of hearts gets tired and the bravest of souls is allowed to be vulnerable.

  12. You can’t be strong all the time. Sometimes you just need a hug.

  13. Knowing that you can do certain things and you might fail at others is a relief.

  14. Know that you’ll never know it all.

  15. Some days you don’t give a damn.

  16. Nobody sees you as you are. They only see you as Their Opinion about ‘who you are’. So, Just Chill and Live Your Life… for opinions or people don’t define you.

  17. Education taught me to compete with others. Maturity taught me to compete with myself. And midlife is teaching me it’s all a sham! In the end, all we want is to be happy, without being in a rat race.

  18. There comes a time in life when you realize it was always about you… your choices, your peace, your happiness…

  19. Sometimes it is okay to hide how broken you are, behind a smile. It saves you the trouble of having to explain yourself to people.

  20. There is so much to life, and yet we know so little.

Inspirational Quotes And Captions For Love And Relationships

  1. All this while he kept trying to fix her… when all he had to do was love her.

  2. Sometimes we don’t fall in love with the person as much we fall in love with the idea of loving someone.

  3. If love is meant to be, why do hearts break? But hearts break... Cry out loud and when you are done, move on.

  4. Some love stories are like, I love you, I hate you, I miss you... you cuddle, you fight, you patch up and then you argue again... And life goes on!

  5. It’s an old school thought, but I guess so am I, old school. No one likes to come back to an empty home, so settle your differences while you still can. Because when you think you deserve a second chance, you may not get a second chance.

  6. When people you love matter, don’t let anything else matter.

  7. Love is a trap. She fell in far down and could never be traced.

  8. ‘I don’t let you know often… but hey, it hurts… the silence between you and me…’ Her eyes were shouting while her lips were sealed tight.

  9. The rush of commitments and busy work hours can take the romance out of your love life. But it is up to you to recreate the magic!

  10. There is no such thing as a happy or perfect marriage. The reality is people mess up, and sometimes they mess up big time. So what should you do? Forgive them and decide to stay on or leave them and move on! It’s a difficult choice you have to make.

  11. Don’t force the healing process. Relationships heal in their own time.

  12. When you feel overwhelmed, exhausted or misunderstood in your relationship, know that it’s time to focus on yourself. And let go of the current situation.

  13. Everyone is dealing with their own fears, anxieties and problems. Try to be patient with your partner and make sure to make them feel cared for and wanted in your life.

  14. You stole my heart when I looked into your eyes... And I realised, it was love at first sight.

  15. Remember, you are two individuals on the same side.

Inspirational Quotes And Captions For Women

  1. 8 beers, 10 tequila shots and 5 jager bombs down… At 40, still single, she washed away all regrets of all times.

  2. She survived with a broken smile, a broken heart, shattered dreams, and broken bones… and still, she doubted her strength.

  3. Remember when people aren’t afraid to lose you, they lose interest in you.

  4. Some adventures are never-ending.

  5. Always keep it sassy, classy and a bit bad assy.

  6. I always wondered why was it easy for women to stay hidden? Now I understand.

  7. When someone makes you feel that you don’t matter in their life anymore. Do yourself a favour… Silently step back and keep enjoying your life… without them.

  8. I asked for whisky and he ordered vodka. The bartender served him whisky and placed vodka in front of me… Did not know drinks are also stereotyped!

  9. She died every single day till she gathered the courage to break the pattern of being treated like a nobody by the one who once told her she was his whole world.

  10. When things start rolling, life starts rocking.

  11. The worst part of suffocating is if you allow it, it will continue!!

  12. Awesome at 40 and still going strong.

  13. Breaking the shackles of old beliefs isn’t easy. But if you don’t break them you become a slave to your comfort zone. A zone that was either taught or forcefully passed on from generation to generation. Be wise enough to pave your own path.

  14. There are people you wish you had never met… Then there are people you wish you wish you had met earlier in life.

  15. It’s your life. Make your own mistakes, and earn your own trophies.

  16. So full of life… she never thought her story would end like she never existed.

  17. Mind… It’s chaotic, messed up and cluttered up here… ‘mind is a fucked up place’.

  18. In the tussle between love and hate, she chose the latter. When love left her broken it was the day she stopped believing in fairytales.

  19. As a child I was in a hurry to grow up… never understood why? And now all I want to do is become that little girl again!

  20. In a world that was created equal for all, why do women have to fight for their dignity, respect and rights?

I hope the above-listed quotes and captions gave you a new perspective on whatever your current situation is. If my words helped you shed the extra baggage of emotions and inspired you, do share your experience in the comments.

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