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What happens in the bathroom stays in bathroom

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Have you ever heard the quote that every great journey begins with a trip to the bathroom! How unromantically true!

The first place all of us rush to visit in the morning is the bathroom. The ambiance of the bathroom sets our mood. So in a way, who we are going to be (happy-go-lucky types or pathetic) each morning depends on how clean our washroom is.

If you are a mommy, you are always on guard after your child’s trip to the loo. We mothers are naturally inclined to be hygiene freaks. After all, our life revolves around the child. Our minds are wired to think about a lot of ‘what if’s’ and we cannot help it. Right from toilet training to teaching bathroom etiquettes, we want our child(ren) to hold a Masters Degree. Alas, the reality is distant from our expectations.

Can’t remember how many times I must have imagined and prayed for a Bathroom Genie to appear or a magical wand to ease my cleaning chores. Though I don’t like to swank I do have some superpowers now!

Anyways, bizarre wishes are not granted and stubborn people like me never give upon hoping.

So came my way a disguised blessing. The four of us, my son(9), my daughter(6), my husband and I, stood staring at the broken toilet of kid’s washroom. My daughter was frightened as she was the culprit. She was expecting the usual, mommy scolding her for being careless.

Yet here I was smiling at the prospect of replacing the old crapper with a new American Standard WC. I had seen its ads running on TV channels and newspapers. Their tagline swept me off my feet. It read ‘Our bathrooms have Superpowers. How about yours?’

I looked around my bathroom and thought ‘please don’t ask’!

I set out my tool – my laptop and started researching the American Standard products. Apart from eye-pleasing glamorous looks, each product was uniquely designed to perform better.

I saw a wide range of intelligent Faucets, contemporary Showers and Spalet. Before today I had no clue that sanitization could also be alluring and enticing. While I was reading about the products I was lost in my dream world imagining how it feels like spending time in a grandeur bathroom infused with superpowers. I can afford more time inside downloading my thoughts than uploading bathroom cabinets with germ killer solutions and cleaning supplies.

Installing the Sensor Live Faucet will be like a breakthrough in the history of our family’s washrooms. We have a lot of guests visiting throughout the year. How much simplified my life would be if I do not have to spend half of my day cleaning the basin!

The toilets are remarkably inventive with a super functionality to self-clean. The advert read ‘It zaps all your daily slush in a single flush saving 33% of water. The aqua ceramic quoting technology kicks out the germs and does not let the stain stick’.

I giggled to myself, so what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom!

My family will also contribute to water saving, the mother in me rejoiced with pride at the thought. One more good deed added to the daily dose of practicing good habits.

There’s still more one can ask for!

My eyes sparkled when I scrolled through its Bath and Shower Panel collection. The word E-touch kept echoing in my head. I wondered what a pleasure it would be to have a technologically advanced bathroom. A one-touch button is a solution to all our shower problems, adjusting shower spray.

All bathroom singers it’s time to improvise your stage and add some charm to it.

How much I am looking forward to spending more me time once our bathroom gets its superpowers! As the daydreaming progressed to the next step to the showroom visit, I delightfully donned the cap of ‘Tech Mommy’ as proclaimed by my kids.

The wicked mind does not stop here. With great pleasure, it announces that next time we have visitors I will have something new to flaunt.

O’ if you are still wondering what my superpower is … it’s my BATHROOM!!

American Standard

About the Author: Born and raised in Gurgaon, the millennium city of India, Prachi Sachdev Mendiratta is a freelance blogger at various platforms. She is a graphic designer, a video editor and a painter by choice. A hippie at heart travelling has been her passion for ever since she remembers. She loves to read books that inspire. She also loves to read books depicting life of people from varied cultures across the globe. Her favourite authors are Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho and now Jean Sasson, apart from others. Her favorite quote is, 'The Time is Now or Never'.



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