OMG! The Best Pandemic After Effects on this Mommy Ever!

‘Hey… My name is Prachi. Technically, I am a freelance blogger and a resin artist. But practically a mommy who’s going crazy juggling between finding work, managing home, and home-schooling kids for the past 8 months. Phew… that’s me, tired.’

Like many of you, I too wish 2020 never happened. Or maybe I could still find a way to time travel. So dope… Right? But if you do stand a chance to run away from 2020, count me in!

I mean come to think of it, all everyone could think of was food, food, and more food during the lockdown. I mean really, that’s the only thing you are living for! A glance at Facebook posts made me realize women are tired, no the correct word would be ‘fed up’ of cooking, even the ones who loved to cook. Dear Lord, what has the pandemic done to sweet souls! Their life was confined to one room in the house - the kitchen. Come to think of it, like...Really!

Ah! The sound of the word ‘kitchen’ itself gives me shivers. By the way, I gave up cooking some 3 years ago. O’ I am a decent cook. Not a great one though but also I am not the ‘you name it, I will cook it for you mommy.’ And this mommy announced it loud and clear one fine day ‘I don’t love to cook. So, I found you guys a home chef.’ I know, I know… a little fancy for the word ‘cook’. But voila, it worked for me. Though I don’t know if everyone’s happy with the meals but they don’t complain. And since the unlock 0.1 my home-chef is back on her duty. Seriouly...what a relief! So, when no one whined about food, I assumed it as ‘they are happy with the cook, cooking meals...Awww.’

Now coming back to how this pandemic has affected my home and work balance. No, don’t judge me yet. It’s too early. Ok, so yes, past few months have made me lethargic. My sleep pattern wasn’t affected so much. If I stretched myself to keep my eyes wide open, 11 pm is the last hour of the day one can see me awake. But, no doorbells ringing early morning meant, 'sleep till you like, baby!' No one to disturb.

As a parent, a mother, in most cases does not get to sleep for long hours at a stretch. So this was a golden opportunity I seized. So much so that when online classes got in my way, I started giving my kids a break from the classes, once every week. No, not because their puppy face for a holiday melts my heart. But because mommy dear peacefully sleeps through the morning. Now you may go ahead and judge me!

Moreover, I also got so happily engrossed in the stay-at-home mommy life that now my lazy bums refuse to leave the comfortable couch. The pajamas added to the blessing and Netflix served my purpose of entertainment. Though people who know me have a slim chance of believing that I could also gain weight yet here I was struggling to fit into my old (here refers to ‘before pandemic’) pair of jeans. So I dropped the idea of looking for work out-of-home. It has become cumbersome to even think of what to wear. The thought of ironing the clothes is also not a happy place to be in. Then why not ease your life and stay where you are - Home!

The government is announcing on news channels ‘stay home, stay safe’. So much so that our phones ringback tones are also set to ‘novel coronavirus theme’. Can you beat that? It is more like creating a bigger fear, and someone please tell them, it’s not helping! It is making people like me lazier by the day. I have slid into the auto mode of ‘stay home, don’t go out’ as I hear/read the covid cases are increasing each day. So clearly, it is not the case of ‘mommy being lazy’. It is a clear case of ‘mommy being pushed to be lazy’.

O’ it’s nearly noon and it seems I have spent the entire morning writing this piece of wisdom. Now it is time for me to fiddle on the laptop for some time as if looking for a writing job but can’t find a good-paying option. It gives me a momentary satisfaction that I did try but failed. So what! We all know failure is temporary as is a success. And then, I will try job searching again tomorrow.

And later, I will grab the smart TV remote and wash away my pain in another Netflix Series (just finished Family Reunion and have started watching Mismatched) but of course with some home-cooked food by the new home-chef - the cook ;)

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