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5 Reasons Why You Should ‘Mommy List’

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Life, in a nutshell, has become fast and furious. Everyone seems to be in a hurry-scurry throughout the day. While working mommies strive to balance between work and home, stay-at-home mommies work hard to keep sane with an overwhelming schedule of the New Gen kids.

Schools, extra activities, tuition classes, weekend dramas, and extravagant birthday parties to attend, it is way too exhausting to remember the headlines and the deadlines before we can even manage to get into the details.

It is almost like, we have been hypnotized to follow a pattern every single day, and the cue word is ‘Hurry Up!’

Have you ever stopped to listen to your own words?

‘Hurry up kids, its school time!’ ‘Hurry up kids we are getting late!’ ‘Hurry up kids finish your food!’ ‘Hurry up kids get in the car!’ ‘Hurry up kids the party must have started!’ The list is long that ends with a goodnight kiss ‘hurry up kids, off to bed now.

We have a busy day tomorrow’. The little creature is set to ‘hurry up’ mode already for the next morning.

We do it all the time without realizing that we are doing it.

Most of us mommies have slipped into the category of a ‘Hurricane Mom’ – a mommy who is always in a hurry!

Despite the fact that you are in a joint family or a nuclear set-up, it is important to list your priorities. Listing to your child’s schedule will leave you enough time to respond to your child’s needs.

The listing also helps tone down our own temperament, as we are aware there are no surprises ahead in time.

So let’s read why Mommy-Lists are important, and how it turns a ‘hurricane mommy’ back to being a ‘happy mommy’.

1) Mommy list helps you pre-plan. Make a weekly or a fortnightly list of all the important tasks/activities of your child. Paste the planner somewhere you will see it often. Personally, I have the list hung on my kitchen wall. It’s a quick glance and reinforcement of ‘coming up next’.

2) It prepares you and leaves you with enough time to amend in case of any changes. Suppose, an activity class scheduled at 5 pm on a particular day is canceled, you make the necessary changes in the list, and you are bang on time for that parlor/spa visit you had been delaying.

What if the birthday party you thought was next week, was actually the next day! Won’t you save the hassle of gift shopping if you had your mommy-list ready and updated?

3) A prioritized mommy-list helps you and your child to set into a slow mode routine. Those ways you do not have to rush yourself or your kids for anything, until dire necessary.

4) Kids' planned week/month gives us moms a break from our mundane routine too. We no longer have to wait for months to meet our friends or plan lunch/shopping dates with our besties.

Once in a while, it is permissible to ask your family members to pitch in to take care of your child for the day. Your mommy-list becomes your survival tool.

5) Listing helps mommies de-clutter the mental chaos of remembering their children’s daily schedule. It reduces mommy stress and helps keep our anxiety levels in check.

Hope it feels good to know that you are not the only hurricane mommy out there! Most of us are sailing in the same boat. So let’s make our sail smooth!

Let’s hurry up to slow down!

Get in the habit of Mommy-Listing and pave our way back to being a Happy Mommy!

Do let know in the comments if you have ever been in the ‘hurry-up kid’ mommy zone. And what did you do to slow down? Till then ‘Happy Mommy Listing!'

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