4 Practices to Pursue when Raising Kids in a Digital World

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

A baby is born with a need to be loved, & never outgrows it.

Living in a digital era our kids are much equipped to seek any kind of information independently. In times where instant gratification is in fad, our children have learnt to find quick fixes for every emotion and situation.

Today’s kids are born and raised in a technological age where the world is compact and everything globally is approachable at all times. Screens, big and small, have filled the vacuum of boredom.

Children get sick too often, and don't know how to express their feelings and emotions verbally.

A technically adept child may not necessarily be emotionally capable. Anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness are on the rise amongst youngsters. They have a lot of social media friends but none or less to meet face to face.

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As a working parent, we sometimes become ignorant to the fact that digitization has taken a toll on our children’s innocence. We have taught them to be slaves of technology. We have mechanized the young minds to follow instructions than to feel sentiments.

Being busy is not a crisis, but staying there for too long can be a setback! There is still time to undo the mistakes we have committed. Here is a list of practices to pursue with your kids to keep them grounded as they grow up amidst digital chaos:

Reading puts a child’s brain to work, and enhances imagination.

1.   Switch Books with Screen Time: Reading puts your child’s brain to work, enhances imagination, increases vocabulary, improves communication skills, makes them a better writer, and helps them focus with increased concentration span. Toddlers and pre-schoolers need the nourishment of books as much they need food, love, and cuddles.

Being bored is the start of being creative.

2.   Bored and Brilliant: Ever heard ‘Being bored is the start of being creative’! Our job as a parent is not to fill the void of boredom in our child’s life. It is rather to help them think beyond their perception. Why have we made avoiding boredom in our children’s life our most important purpose? Let their mind be their own boredom buster!

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Let kids be busy drawing than distracting them by allowing screen time.

3.   Keep Colouring Books and Colours Handy: It is important to keep the kids off the screen, especially, on an outdoor meal time, on doctor visits, and when travelling. Always keep a bag with colours and colouring book or an activity book to keep kids busy and on course to avoid giving them phone or tab. 

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Spending quality time with your children is the best gift you can give.

4. Spend more Time with Kids than Buying them Expensive Gifts: Work will always be demanding. And kids will not be kids forever. Replace expensive gifts and toys with quality time. Your kids won’t recall your presents when they grow up but they will remember memories of their childhood. Make sure you are vital a part of it!

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Digitization is the walk of life. We cannot control the rate at which our world is advancing technologically. But, we sure can teach our kids to be masters of machinery, and help them stay little humans with warmth, emotions and feelings.

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