• Prachi Sachdev

10 Things That My High School Reunion Taught Me

25 years... we all had come a long way since we left high school. Every face had a story. A story of their trials, of hardships, of happy beginnings, of sad endings... stories of losing someone, tales of meeting their soulmates. We had a lot to catch up with each other.

Together, we were all amalgamation of the colors of a rainbow.

We met again this fall to celebrate 25 years of our class reunion.

High School is the best time we cherish as kids. Because that's when we find the friends we love to hang out with. That's the time and age we need someone to accept us with all our stupidities and still love us for being us. And, we all are capable and successful in finding such buddies who are at the same level of crazy that we are.

Coming back to the present, we started breaking ice on the WhatsApp group that was created especially for the 25th reunion of our batch.

Usually a quiet one, I always enjoyed other chats than being an active participant. But as the big day approached near even an introvert like me could not contain my excitement and began exchanging messages in the group.

There were few names I could match the face to but there were some whom I am yet to figure out. And then there were others with whom I instantly picked up the threads where they were left years back.

Meeting everyone after a long gap of 25 years was emotional as well as overwhelming. It brought about a lot of school memories, and everyone seemed interested in backstories than knowing what we were presently doing in life.

With the school buddies, even after such a long time-lapse, neither of us felt that we had grown up... we were still the young school girls and boys of class 1994 who were most popular as the naughtiest among the teachers.

So here's what my high school reunion taught me

1) School friends are the first friends you make and cherish them for life.

2) Friendship is more important than your financial status or professional achievements.

3) You still laugh at each other's silly jokes.

4) There are no formalities between friends. You are still abey, yaar, saalee to your school besties.

5) Every time you get together you love to relive your school memories and talk about your first crush, your heartbreaks, the classes you bunked and boast about how you cheated in exams without being caught.

6) People change. And you get to learn a lot about your classmates that you may have failed to notice before.

7) I enjoyed hanging out with people I knew but I also enjoyed catching up with the ones I did not know back then.

8) Old songs are as close to heart as are old friends. It was heartwarming to sing old Bollywood numbers of our times together and set the mood back to the '90s.

9) Everyone danced as if there was no tomorrow. I realized we don't need reasons to celebrate life, we only need to find the right crazy weirdos as we are to enjoy every moment. And who can be a better choice than our school buddies?

10) Distance is just an illusion. People came from all over the world to be a part of the reunion celebrations. It made me realize how small is the world that we live in...yet it is the mind that creates separation.

Everybody who came to the reunion enjoyed every bit of it. We relived some old memories and created some fresh ones.



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