One Night Stand

On her office trip to London, Mia met a guy. Both felt an instant connection. They spent the day together. Back in her hotel room, Mia tried not to think about him. But couldn't resist. A knock at her room door brought her back to reality. She opened the door and there he stood. All they longed, for now, was this 'one night'. They made love. Intense and passionate.

After long, in ages, Mia felt alive. She had forgotten what being loved felt like.

The irony of life was, it took a stranger to make her feel good about herself.

Pregnant Photography

Every End Has A New Beginning

The pain was hard to bear. She cried
calling her mom. A hand patted her shoulder
in reassurance. Her yelling continued...
...till she gave up. It was over.

She passed away giving birth
to a baby boy.


Some mourned her loss.
Some celebrated the newborn life.

Soon she became history...
and, things were never the same again!

Walking Down the Aisle

A Walk Down The Aisle

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“Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Do I look any closer to my mom at all?”
Introspecting, she looked at herself from head to toe in the mirror, one last time. It was her mother’s wedding gown she was wearing.

She did not remember her mom. Her mother died in an accident when Snow was one-year-old. She missed her mom more than ever on her big day.

‘You look just like your mom', came a soft voice from behind. She turned and looked at her dad, and smiled with teary eyes.

‘Come, dear Snow, it’s time to walk you down the aisle’.

Loving Couple

Love at First Sight

Shy, timid and nervous she sat on the last bench in a corner in the classroom. Searching for a friendly face in a new class, in a new school. And then a boy walked in.

She was mesmerized by his innocent smile. She could not take her eyes off him. His eyes met hers for a fraction of a second. She fell in love instantly. She fell in love for the first time.

That was the day her destiny was written. 14 years later, she married the boy she fell in Love with at First Sight.

sick woman.jpg

The Best Of Her Is Gone

Aunt Sophie lay in bed, helpless and immovable. With dreary eyes, she stares at the ceiling. I wonder what goes through her mind. Growing up, I had seen her as a strong-willed woman. Aunt Sophie had been my Shero for as long as I remember. Today she is sad, sick and lost. The best of her is gone.

Staying in the same house her family had forgotten her. There is a nurse taking care of her.


Aunt Sophie nurtured her family and cared for all. In the end, she suffers alone. Just because she has no memory of where she belonged.


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